August 28, 2016

NATO And Turkey Demolish Villages In North Syria, Will Set Up Refugee Camps On Seized Land To Protect And Produce More ISIS Terrorists

"In its attempt to carry out its purpose to resolve the Armenian question by the destruction of the Armenian race, the Turkish government has refused to be deterred neither by our representations, nor by those of the American Embassy, nor by the delegate of the Pope, nor by the threats of the Allied Powers, nor in deference to the public opinion of the West representing one-half of the world." - Count Paul Wolff Metternich, Germany's ambassador to the Ottoman Empire in 1915.

If Turkey and NATO have their way then Syria will be a Jihad factory for decades to come, similar to the AfPak region under US-NATO-Pakistani management.

Pakistan, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and America will pump out their Jihadists terrorists to Russia, China, India, Europe, Iran, Lebanon, etc.

There will be no security, no peace, and no such thing as "democracy" in Syria, just as there are none of these things in Afghanistan after 15 years of NATO rule in the country.

If NATO and Turkey achieve their evil objectives and ram their plan down the throats of the peoples of Syria then ISIS will only grow in the years to come.

NATO and Turkey are seeking to create an environment, and Turkish-run refugee camps are a big part of it, in which ISIS is left alone to produce more suicide bombers and terrorists to strike the Kurds, Hezbollah, Iranian-backed militias, Assad loyalists, minority self-defense forces, local gangs, moderate tribes, whoever they want.

These NATO-sanctioned refugee camps will be professionally run Jihadist factories. ISIS terrorists will be able to recruit and rape all day and night.

Groups trying to defeat ISIS will be prevented from attacking these refugee camps/Jihadist factories by the U.S., NATO, UN, and the "international community" based on humanitarian grounds. They will be accused of attacking humanitarian camps and violating the safety of refugees. It is the perfect cover.

But these evil criminals won't succeed. NATO and Turkey are already facing steep resistance from the population. They are resorting to flat out terrorism, to the tactic of mowing down innocent civilians to scare off the people and seize the lands they're living on.

Is this Erdogan's plan? Is it NATO's plan? To wipe out the Kurds? Wipe out the Assyrians and Syriac Christians? Wipe out all moderate Arab tribes? What are they going to do? Kill them all?

Given Turkey's history of genocide and ethnic cleansing, that's actually a very real possibility. And since Erdogan is a mad man who thinks he is divinely sanctioned by God he will use Islam to justify his atrocities and naked aggression just like ISIS has done. 

An excerpt from, "Turkey Told UNSC of Aug 24 Military Action Citing Article 51 But Not Kurds, Syria Interview Spiked" By Matthew Russell Lee, Inner City Press, August 28, 2016:
As Turkey's August 24 military operations inside Syria began, in New York the Turkish mission filed a letter with the UN Security Council, which Inner City Press puts online here.

In the letter, Turkey's outgoing Permanent Representative to the UN Halit Cevik cited not only Article 51 of the UN Charter but also UNSC resolutions 1373, 2170 and 2178. It does not mention the Kurds but only DEASH (sic).

Turkey's letter states among other things that “Turkey initiated a military operation in the early hours of August 24, 2016, against DEASH which has been directly and deliberately targeting Turkey.” It states that Turkey respects Syria's territorial integrity and political unity. The word sovereignty is not used, but “political transition” is.
Video Title: Erdogan vows fight against ISIL and Kurds in Syria. Source: CCTV News. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description: 
Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned that his country's pursuit of militant groups will be unrelenting. Turkey launched a two-pronged offensive against ISIL and Kurdish militia in Syria on Wednesday. But as CCTV’s correspondent Natalie Carney reports, people fear the move may complicate the situation in Syria and at home.

Hezbollah Leader explains why Syria & Assad are crucial to Middle East war - English Subs

Kerry trying to wine and dine Assad before he sicked the dogs of war on him.

An excerpt from, "Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria" by Ben Norton, Salon, August 23, 2016:
According to a think tank that does contract work for NATO and the Israeli government, the West should not destroy ISIS, the fascist Islamist extremist group that is committing genocide and ethnically cleansing minority groups in Syria and Iraq.
Why? The so-called Islamic State “can be a useful tool in undermining” Iran, Hezbollah, Syria and Russia, argues the think tank’s director.

“The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose,” wrote Efraim Inbar in “The Destruction of Islamic State Is a Strategic Mistake,” a paper published on Aug. 2.
"The problem they faced in Syria is the independence of the political decision-making of this leadership and President (Assad). When they failed through politics, and the wave of the Arab Spring e.t.c. came along, they rode that wave and channeled it towards Syria. For this reason, with regards to what is occurring in Syria, you can say that it is a continuation of the July War (2006), and you can also say it is taking out revenge for the July War (victory) because the target of the July War was not only Hezbollah in Lebanon.

They then wrote articles in the most important US newspapers and the Americans admitted and the memoirs are available  - the (July War) was part of a project that was made for the whole region. The July War was designed to eliminate the resistance in Lebanon, and after finishing from Lebanon they go on to Syria and finish it off, then they wipe out the armed resistance in Palestine, and then Iran remains at the end, they isolate it and then strike it. This is the New Middle East that Condoleezza Rice spoke about, and it is the project which the neoconservatives were carrying out.

So the problem with President Assad is that this leader, this personality, does not fit in harmony with a 'New Middle East.' A 'New Middle East' means submissive rulers to the will of America and Israel. When they were not able to achieve it through politics they tried to achieve it through another way.

Okay, today, US diplomats, military and security officials, and this is available in the media - what are they saying? 'We made Daesh (ISIS) in order to hit the Resistance Axis - to fight Hezbollah.' Who is Daesh here? They mean Daesh and the Nusra Front and this whole Takfiri movement, because Nusra and Daesh merely have organizational differences. Meaning that when they began fighting in Syria, there was no such thing as Daesh or Nusra. Abu Mohammad al-Julani was under the authority of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who in turn was under the authority of Ayman al-Zawahiri (the leader of Al-Qaeda). Syria was then opened up to all these militants who were brought from all over the world. What are the Americans saying today? 'We made Daesh in order to fight Hezbollah and the resistance.'" - Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah [6:00 - 8:00 in the video below].

Video Title: Hezbollah Leader explains why Syria & Assad are crucial to Middle East war - English Subs. Source: TheKeysToEternity. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description:
Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah explains why why Syria & Assad are crucial to the ongoing Middle East war.

English Subtitled excerpt from interview held on 19/08/2016.

Fucking Despicable

Video Title: Iran Wrestler Told to Forfeit Match Against Israel. Source: American Zionist. Date Published: August 28, 2016. Description:
So perverse is the hate that an Iranian wrestler is told he must fake an injury and forfeit a match against Israeli or forever be blackballed.

Gaddafi To Lowlife Scumbag Obama: Stop Backstabbing The Kurds

If the lowlife scumbag Obama had any integrity whatsoever he would return his Nobel Peace Prize. He did not deserve it when he received it, and he certainly does not deserve it now.
"We expected him to say: I will strive for the independence and unity of the Kurdish nation. This nation must take its place under the sun in the Middle East. The Kurdish nation is torn apart, tormented, and persecuted, and is colonized by everyone. He should have supported it, instead of supporting the collaborators, while sacrificing the future of the Kurdish nation. This is "change."" - The honourable servant, Muammar Gaddafi.
People who say that U.S. and coalition airstrikes played a pivotal role in the liberation of ISIS-held towns by the YPG don't know what they're talking about. The YPG was beating ISIS decisively way before the U.S. decided to team up with them and shamelessly claim political credit for their military victories.

U.S. airstrikes in Syria are essentially worthless. They are not the reason why the YPG has been winning against ISIS. Although that's what Assad loyalists, Turkish Islamists, ISIS, and so many others like to believe because they don't want to recognize the military strength of the YPG.

Kobane was liberated not because of U.S. airstrikes but because the YPG fought more bravely and fiercely than the cowards of ISIS who are only good at terrorizing civilians and killing prisoners of war.

The YPG made the critical political mistake of accepting limited U.S. help.

What good has it done them?

What the Kurds in Syria need is not limited U.S. airstrikes that make little to no difference on the ground, but U.S. political and moral support, and that will never come. It will never come and nor should it be asked for.

One of the biggest negative effects of accepting limited U.S. help is that it adds superficial merit to the accusation by stupid Muslims that the West is using the Kurds to create a second Israel to divide up sacrosanct Muslim nations. As if the Kurds, like the Jews, are not an indigenous part of the Middle East who deserve to have their own country with their own laws and customs, just like everyone else.

The U.S. has done great harm to the Kurdish cause in Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Instead of pretending to side with the Kurds only to stab them in the back when their support is really needed U.S. leaders should totally dissociate themselves from the Kurds and leave the region. Their own broken country needs fixing.

August 27, 2016

Pro-Erdogan Propaganda Coming Out of The West, Russia, And Iran

Erdogan will regret invading Syria and attacking the Kurds.

Press TV, the Islamic Republic's propaganda channel, Russia Today, Euronews, and other Western propaganda channels are all covering for Erdogan's invasion of Syria, saying that he is attacking Daesh/ISIS terrorists when he is doing the opposite. It's like they were handed the same script.

Erdogan and the U.S. made a deal with their buddies Daesh/ISIS to hand over Jarabulus so the Kurds couldn't liberate the city and gain greater territorial control in the north.

Turkey, America, Syria, Russia, and Iran don't want the Kurds to take control of their destiny in Syria and govern themselves according to their own political philosophy and ideas. They are against democracy for the Kurds in Syria, especially Turkey and Iran.

The new propaganda to portray Turkey's invasion of Syria as an operation against ISIS is childish. Anyone with eyes can see that Turkey, NATO, and ISIS are all one family.

The Turkish army is dancing on the emptied streets of Syrian towns with Daesh/ISIS terrorists, not attacking them. They are attacking local Arab tribes, Arab members of the SDF as well as the Kurdish YPG.

This NATO army is screaming AllahUAkbar while slitting the throats of moderate Arabs and secular Kurds. Turkey is becoming another Pakistan, where Jihadists and the army are hand and glove.

The leaders of Russia, Iran, and Syria are going along with the lie that Erdogan is attacking ISIS in order to save face and avoid appearing weak in the face of Turkish/NATO aggression against Syria, the Kurds, secularists, and minorities.

Video Title: Turkish army, Kurdish forces clash in Syria. Source: PressTV. Date Published: August 27, 2016. Description:
Clashes have broken out between the Turkish army and Kurdish forces in northern Syria.
The clashes were reported in two northern villages. The Kurds say fighting first erupted as Turkish tanks advanced on the village of al-Amarna in Syria’s northeast. Turkey has been pressing ahead with its military build-up in northern Syria. It has dispatched six more tanks as part of an operation against Daesh terrorists and Kurdish YPG forces. They joined fifty other tanks, armored vehicles and some four-hundred troops already on the ground. Turkish troops have been pounding the militants’ positions with artillery and mortar fire, and have already taken control of the northern Syrian town of Jarablus. Syria has condemned the intervention as a breach of its sovereignty.

Video Title: Turkish PM says Syria border must be cleansed of threats. Source: euronews. Date Published: August 27, 2016. Description: 
Turkey's prime minister says any Kurdish entity at its border will not be tolerated.

As Ankara sent more tanks across its frontier into Northern Syria, Binali Yildrim said Turkish forces will stay in Syria until the area is cleared of so-called Islamic State (ISIL) and other militants, referring to the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG).

Video Title: Jarablus ‘being cleansed’ of ISIS, Turkey sends more tanks to Syria. Source: RT. Date Published: August 25, 2016. Description: 
More Turkish military vehicles have been seen at the border with Syria, as Ankara launches a large-scale operation against Islamic State in Syria. Turkish officials say there are more than 20 of its tanks inside Syria at the moment, and that more would be sent as required.