January 28, 2015

PM Alexis Tsipras tells first cabinet meeting: 'Greece will not default'

Title: PM Alexis Tsipras tells first cabinet meeting: 'Greece will not default'. Source: euronews. Date Published: January 28, 2015. Description:
Fresh from success in Sunday's general election, Greece's new Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras has chaired his first cabinet meeting - setting out the priorities for his anti-bailout government. 
Firmly opposed to the austerity imposed on Greece by its EU and IMF creditors, he pledged to negotiate a viable and fair solution, confounding predictions of doom.

A Tale of Two Houses: Sisi Mourns House of Saud, Obama Scorns House of Netanyahu

Photo: A needless murder by Egyptian police of a female socialist activist on the anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. The Sisi regime only buries itself with such brutal acts.

An excerpt from, "Egypt Cancels Revolution Fete to Mourn Saudi King who derailed Revolution" by Juan Cole, January 26, 2015:
In a great irony, the Egyptian government attempted to cancel the commemoration of the January 25 revolution four years ago, on the grounds that the late King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia needed to be mourned. The Saudis played a sinister behind-the-scenes role in undermining budding Egyptian attempts at democracy, and appear to be complicit in the coup against the Muslim Brotherhood government of Muhammad Morsi in 2013 (though to be fair, that government was very widely hated). 
As it was, dissidents from the left and from the Muslim religious right did manage to mount rallies to protest the authoritarian turn of the current Egyptian government. The police reacted horribly, deploying live ammunition at the protesters– killing 18 and wounding 52. 
National security police and plainclothesmen had a heavy presence throughout the capiteal of Cairo.
Not a wise move by Sisi.

An excerpt from, "Obama Won't Meet with Netanyahu During Visit to Congress" VOA, January 27, 2015:
American officials last week said President Barack Obama will not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits Washington in March. The U.S. Congress has asked the Israeli leader to speak to a joint meeting of the House of Representatives and the Senate. House Speaker John Boehner said he did not contact the Obama administration about the visit before inviting Mr. Netanyahu. 
Many observers see the invitation as a way for Republican Party lawmakers to criticize the administration’s policy toward Iran.

President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu do not agree on the best way to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. Mr. Netanyahu has questioned Mr. Obama’s support of international talks to limit Iran’s nuclear activities.
Not a wise move by Boehner.

January 27, 2015

David Bentley Hart - Christianity and Its Fashionable Enemies

Title: David Bentley Hart - Christianity and Its Fashionable Enemies. Source: ObjectiveBob. Date Published: March 6, 2013. Description:
David Bentley Hart is an Eastern Orthodox theologian, philosopher, and patristics scholar. Hart was educated at the University of Maryland, the University of Cambridge and the University of Virginia. He has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), Duke Divinity School, and Loyola College in Maryland.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams described David Bentley Hart as "a theologian of exceptional quality, but also a brilliant stylist."

Reviews of Hart's "The Beauty of the Infinite":

"I can think of no more brilliant work by an American theologian in the past ten years." -- William C. Placher

"This magnificent and demanding volume should establish David Bentley Hart . . . as one of his generation's leading theologians." -- Geoffrey Wainwright

January 26, 2015

Unrest in Yemen Polarizes The Nation + Three Other Videos On Yemen

Can you say mini-states?

Title: Unrest in Yemen polarizes the nation. Source: MiddleEastEye. Date Published: January 26, 2015. Description:
Protesters in Sana'a, Taiz and Ibb have taken to the streets in large numbers to call for the withdrawl of Houthi militias from the Yemeni capital. They chanted pro-democracy slogans while concurrently condemning the Houthis's armed presence in a number of Yemeni provinces.

Title: Outcry in Yemen over Houthi takeover. Source: Reuters. Date Published: January 26, 2015.

Title: White House Grapples With Yemen Counterterrorism Strategy. Source: VOAvideo. Date Published: January 26, 2015.

Title: Yemen Security. Source: TV2Africa. Date Published: January 26, 2015.

David Bentley Hart: Beauty, Form, and Violence

David Bentley Hart (born 1965) is an Eastern Orthodox theologian, philosopher, and cultural commentator.

Hart earned his BA from the University of Maryland, MPhil from the University of Cambridge, and MA and PhD from the University of Virginia. He has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), Duke Divinity School, and Loyola College in Maryland.

On 27 May 2011, Hart's book Atheist Delusions was awarded the Michael Ramsey Prize in Theology. Hart's latest book, The Experience of God, The Guardian called "the one theology book all atheists really should read."
Title: David Bentley Hart: Beauty, Form, and Violence - Biola Art Symposium 2013. Source: BiolaUniversity. Date Published: March 16, 2013. Description:
Violence & Peace in Contemporary Art: Biola Art Symposium 2013. March 2, 2013. 
David Bentley Hart, is an Orthodox theologian, philosopher, and cultural commentator, whose specialties include philosophical theology, patristics, and aesthetics. รข€¨Hart has been published in various periodicals including, Pro Ecclesia, The Scottish Journal of Theology, First Things, and The New Criterion. He has taught at the University of Virginia, the University of St. Thomas, Duke Divinity School, and Loyola College in Baltimore. Hart is the author of seven books including Beauty of the Infinite: The Aesthetics of Christian Truth (Eerdmans, 2004), which has been lauded by The Christian Century as "one of the most brilliant works by an American theologian in the past ten years." His two most recent books are The Doors of the Sea: Where Was God in the Tsunami? (Eerdmans, 2011), and The Devil and Pierre Gernet: Stories, his first work of fiction (Eerdmans, 2012).

DAHBOO77: Power Grid Breakdown Plunges Pakistan Into Darkness

An excerpt from, "Pakistan plunges into darkness as attack leaves 140mn without power" RT, January 25, 2015:
Over 140 million Pakistanis were left without power after militants attacked the national grid with blasts specifically targeting power pylons. Some are still waiting for power to return. 
The massive blackout shortly followed Pakistan’s gasoline shortage crisis, with the nation’s Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, being forced to cancel his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos to deal with the problem. Plunging oil prices are leaving national utility companies without the necessary profits to pay for maintenance and upgrades.
The political elite of Pakistan is retarded. They can build nukes and point them at India like that ape with a gun in Planet of the Apes, but they can't provide basic electricity to their people. They're in a state of intellectual darkness. As a country they need more brain-building, and less chest-flexing. Their possession of nuclear weapons is what's holding them back.

The people of Pakistan are bright, educated, and good, but their stupid, short-sighted, and corrupt leaders will have to answer for their support for the Taliban in Afghanistan and Islamic extremism in general, just as the leaders of the United States and Saudi Arabia will have to as well.

January 25, 2015

The Corbett Report Turns 300


Title: The Corbett Report Turns 300. Source: corbettreport. Date Published: January 24, 2014. Description:
As The Corbett Report podcast turns 300, James takes a moment to reflect on the past, present and future of the podcast and the website. What value does this podcast bring and why does James do what he does? Join us today as we ponder these questions and set a path for the future of the alt media.