July 23, 2014

Joining the tunnel diggers in the Gaza Strip [2009] + Tunnel.Vision Gaza - SBS.Dateline [2010]

Joining the tunnel diggers in the Gaza Strip | Journal Reporter. Source: DW. Date Published: November 26, 2009.

Tunnel.Vision Gaza - SBS.Dateline. Date Published: December 29, 2010.

UN's Answer To Question of Israeli War Crimes In Gaza: Maybe. Maybe Not. Maybe Fuck Yourself

Aliens to the human race: Show me your leaders. No, seriously, show me your leaders. It can't be these two.

The UN's message to Palestinians: go to hell. Israel can do what it wants. 

The Angry Arab: 
UN on Israeli and Syrian war crimes
UN on Israeli war crimes: possibly, probably, it could be, not sure, we are looking into it, who knows.
UN on Syrian regime war crimes: certainly, categorically, unequivocally, no question about it, it took us one day to decide.
Israel action in Gaza 'could be war crimes' says UN's Navi Pillay - BBC News. Date Published:

Iraqi Christians Expelled from Mosul by ISIL Share their Stories

Obama's boys cruising through Iraq.

Quotes by Mosul's Christians from the video below:
"They have the capabilities of a government that is behind them. There are governments that are supporting them. It is not possible. This is a farce! The life we are leading is truly a farce, especially for Christians."

"Why this injustice? What have we done to you?
Title: Iraqi Christians Expelled from Mosul by ISIL Share their Stories. Source: Eretz Zen. Date Published: July 23, 2014.

The Slow-Motion Holocaust: Israel's Gameplan For Subduing Palestine

Yesterday's Victims Are Today's Monsters:
 Pictured: The biggest mass murderers and war criminals of the 21st century.

An excerpt from, "USrael Plans Genocide In Syria, Palestine, And The Middle East" July 26, 2012:
"But, apart from the battle for world public opinion, what is Israel's overall game plan for Syria, Iran, and the Palestinians? Israeli author Moshe Machover says that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to wage an aggressive war against Iran because the resulting chaotic atmosphere in the region would allow Israel to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. Speaking to Philip Weiss of the popular website Mondoweiss, Machover said:
"This is part of the reason that Netanyahu is so adamant about resolving the Iranian issue by war, rather than diplomacy or siege; he wants a full out war, because whatever the actual consequences of the war regarding Iran, whether it will end Iran’s nuclear program—and by the way there is no proof that Iran is committed to production of nuclear weapons-- the opportunity will present itself for ethnic cleansing in the West Bank that will be a far more important result for him and far more desirable, than anything he can achieve with Iran itself." [3].
While the mad king of Israel is planning genocide in Palestine, the war criminals who lead the United States are supporting terrorism and ethnic cleansing in Syria and Libya. But, their crimes against humanity are being covered up under the umbrella terms of the "War on Terror," and the "Arab Spring."

Once we look past the fables of the War on Terror and the Arab Spring we can clearly see that USrael is in violation of international laws and the moral laws of mankind. It is a totally crazy ahistorical state that has left reality and humanity behind in its quest for total global dominance. If USrael has its way in the Middle East then Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, and Iranians will all share the fate of the Palestinians."
Jewish and Gaza holocaust compared. Source: icommunitysydney. Date Published: November 19, 2012. Description:
Compare the Jewish Holocaust with the events in Gaza.
Any human being with a heart would see the oppression of innocent people during these eras.

Original work by: Orphelia Haragli

Civilians Killed, Children Among The Dead . . . . In Iraq

Maliki The Magnificent: Those Zionists think they can kill more women and children than me? How dare they entertain such silly notions! Inshallah, I will show them. Fallujah and Mosul will surrender before Gaza.

An excerpt from, "Iraqi Govt Barrel Bombs Kill 19 Civilians in Fallujah" by Jason Ditz, Antiwar.com, July 22:
The Iraqi government launched another round of airstrikes against an ISIS-held city today, this time pounding the area in and around Fallujah, one of the first cities to fall to ISIS way back in January.

As with other recent strikes, the toll was entirely civilian, at least according to Health Ministry officials, who confirmed 19 slain civilians, including a number of women and children, and 38 wounded civilians.
Iraqi Government Air Strikes Killing Civilians. Source: HumanRightsWatch. Date Published: July 22, 2014. Description:
Iraq's security forces have killed at least 75 civilians and wounded hundreds of others in indiscriminate air strikes on four cities since June 6, 2014. Human Rights Watch documented 17 airstrikes, the majority in the first half of July. Barrel bombs were used in six of them.

U.S. Govt: MH17 Stance Based On Obvious Social Media Hoaxes

Who needs field intelligence officers when you have YouTube?

New Study: Social Media Posts About War In Syria Are Biased And Unreliable:
An excerpt from, "Study finds bias in Internet postings about Syria’s civil war" by Lauren Kirkwood, McClatchy, February 24, 2014:

YouTube videos and posts on Facebook and Twitter have made scenes from Syria’s civil war accessible to audiences thousands of miles from the conflict. But the version of events disseminated by social media is not a completely accurate picture of the war, according to a report from the congressionally funded U.S. Institute of Peace.

After reviewing more than 38 million Twitter posts about the Syrian conflict, a team of Middle East scholars from The George Washington University and American University concluded that rather than an objective account of what’s taken place, social media posts have been carefully curated to represent a specific view of the war.
U.S. Govt: MH17 Stance Based On Obvious Social Media Hoaxes. Source: TheAlexJonesChannel. Date Published: July 22.

July 22, 2014

World's Most Useless Body Debate The War In Gaza

UN Security Council meets to debate over Gaza crisis. Source: AFP. Date Published: July 22.