April 11, 2012

America Flashes The Sword of Death To Iran

 Barack Obama: The Symbol of Death.

The peace talks between America and Iran is a joke. Negotiations are a smoke screen to advance a greater agenda against Iran: conquest. Peace was never on the table.

America, Israel, and England have never wanted peace with Iran. It was always about regime change and renewed foreign domination of Iran.

"When Washington plans regime change, wars are waged if other methods fail," writes Stephen Lendman. 

Every effort for peace and cooperation in the last decade was killed by the White House and Israel's government. Both the Bush and Obama administrations are guilty of stopping the progress of peace and cross-civilizational dialogue.

In 2003, Iran offered America the "Grand Bargain." And in return, America is offering the Grand War. The criminal leaders of Israel couldn't be more pleased.

America is offering war to Iran because in its current manifestation all America knows is war and destruction. Once the land of milk and honey, it is now the land of death. Its mad rulers opened the gates of hell on September 11, 2001, and set loose the ancient god of war to terrorize the world, bring nations to their knees, and seize the heavens.

But this is not America's fault. America is a good and beautiful country that was hijacked and deceived by demonic and ruthless financial tyrants who see no value in an individual human life.

And so once again the conflicting nations look to war to decide matters of destiny and politics.

In war, there is no such thing as terrorists. Starting a war is the biggest act of terror under the sun, and that crime falls on the terrorist governments of the United States, Israel, and England. The term "terrorism" should not be used so profusely in our public vocabulary. It should be replaced with state terrorism, because that is the most dangerous form of terrorism.

The Pentagon classifies the whole earth as a battlefield, and envisions a long war against freedom in the 21st century. This is pure madness. In the insane minds of the state terrorists who run the U.S., British, and Israeli governments, war is a solution to solving problems, not an obstacle.

The CIA, Mossad, and MI6 see nothing wrong in training, arming, and funding terrorists to sow chaos in anti-imperialist countries and make life difficult for their leaders.

In Syria, Western-trained Islamic terrorists are being armed and deployed to destabilize Syria and overthrow the regime. The same playbook was used against Libya. The rent-a-terrorist business is booming in the capitals of Washington, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

As a result of Western terror and Israeli terror, hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East have died prematurely.

 For how long will this madness go on?